About Me

Portrait: Donna L. Sisley "Photography is that place I go, camera in hand, to celebrate not only the beauty and joy in the world, but to create a shelter for myself, temporarily freed from life’s momentary stresses." DLS A Tucson resident for 48 years, Donna is a locally known photographer who is passionate about her work and the sharing of knowledge with fellow photographers. Her background in design and her joy in learning fueled a true avocation in photography expanded by classes at the University of Arizona, Rocky Mountain School of Photography and multitudes of photo workshops. Also, for twenty years, Donna was an active member and leader of Club Camera Tucson. Sisley’s career was in convention services. Additionally, her free-lance photo images have been acquired by offices and web-based businesses. Her work has won several major photo competitions and been published in Popular Photography magazine as well as numerous local publications. Seldom without a camera, Donna is active in joining and leading field trips, theme-based photo challenges and is also completing her own current 365-day-single-themed project. Donna Sisley’s focus is broad...from macro to landscape, critters to still-life and everything else in between.